Ballad of Zona Abston (Anya Hinkle)

The boys are cutting a shine on the road out side
Like thunder the engine is sounding
But boys this story ain’t about you this time
It’s about my 75 years on this mountain

The wheels of my mind turn backwards
I can see clear as spring water
My heart thrills but aches as I tell the words
Of a Cravenstown coal miner’s daughter

I was born the 5th of 9 children
My daddy was a miner at Davidson
But a blown out shot set his shaft to burnin
And the company don’t pay damages or pensions

So Daddy said hes a goin’ down to the river’s shore
Gonna drown himself in the deepest water
Leavin ne’re a coin or scrip for the company store
Found a new gal and left for Indiana

I’ve wanted for daddy and I’ve wanted for learning
I’ve wanted for some of god’s goodwill
And if there’s anyone to know there’s more to life than a dollar bill
Lord you know it’s me
Am i deserving this cold hearted dream

twas a long barefooted walk to the schoolhouse see
And nothin to make a lunch pail with neither
Just the apples that dropped from the schoolyard tree
When mama died nothing was waiting for our dinner

Cotton came a calling when I’s about 17
Soon after the babies came a crying
He did a little mining, a little shining between
A little drinking and gambling besides


The mining’s all done but we’re still on this mountain
guess our roots were stronger than our wings
and flying ain’t as easy if it’s pennies that your counting
while the company men are off living like kings

The blessing of a baby is the burden of a mother
And a wife pays the wages of a wedding band
A mine’s just a hole in the ground like any other
And a company ain’t ever worth a damn