1. Salsa


Salsa (Greg Stiglets)

Well it was years back,I remember well
On a day that bore a fierce wind
That's when my sweet Salsa run away
I never dreamed I'd see that girl again

Salsa was Great Pyrenees
A horse of a dog with a coat of white
A gift from my uncle when I was a lad
I loved that girl with all my might

Salsa run from the blackened storm
As we hiked the ridge near Sleepy Gap
Took us quick in the wilderness
Wind, rain and loudest thunderclap

I begged her come back with my loudest call
For I knew she spooked from thunder
But my sweet Salsa, she could run
Five years since she wandered

And I think about her when I hear it storming
I wonder if that thunder ever set her free
Or is she safe and does she nevermore
Ponder what became of me

I still hike that ridge near Sleepy Gap
I was there just yesterday morning
And when I was far down that path
I heard a gentle rustling

And as I turned to meet a beast
My eyes did light in wonder
For there stood my Salsa sweet
and behind I heard the thunder

Thunder once had carried her
Away from my home fires' burn
Thunder now did she command
My salsa sweet She returned to me

And I would know her anywhere
My eyes do not decieve me
I called her name and up she run
Oh, tears of joy and sweet relief

My eyes did not deceive me
I called her and she came to me