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Hinkle & Cardine featured live on "Radio Bristol Sessions"

Spotify adds "Eden" to its Indigo Playlist "a new shade of country"

"Full of tinkling effervescence, wry nods and winks, and capacious laughter, Anya Hinkle and her friends spill the wine and raise a few toasts in celebration of their friendship" --Folk Alley

Official Video "Meditation: Beyond the Shores of Darkness" out now

“The past year has been unprecedented in its darkness,” the singer/songwriter confesses. “The uncertainty eats away at the fiercest sense of discipline, at any sense of purpose; it’s felt very difficult to continue moving forward at times. When I wrote this song, I planned to write words. But there weren’t any. I was living beyond language. Tears rolled down my face onto my guitar as I explored the fingerboard for chords that revealed new facets of this journey inside.”

#avlstruggles Episode 1: "A Crack In The Sidewalk"