Virginia stories and pictures

Great trip to Virginia for a few shows, one in Bedford and the other in Blacksburg. When we were loading up to leave Asheville, Jed was stringing up an A-style mandolin as a "homecoming" since it was apparently made in Bedford. In the mid-80s his uncle had bought a mandolin/octave mandolin pair from luthier James Jones. Incidentally, Stig had borrowed this same  mandolin later to write the song "Buffalo to Washington." Jed displayed this instrument during the performance and toward the end played a song on it and told the story of the mandolin, and it turns out that James Jones was in the audience! He apparently had only ever made a handful of mandolins, focusing primarily on hammered dulcimers. As you can see from the photo, they both couldn't have looked more pleased at the coincidence.

The next day we performed in Eggleston VA at the home of novelist, playwright and poet Ann Goethe, which sits adjacent to the New River with a wonderful view of the palisades. The New River train comes by at regular intervals. It was a reunion for many of the guests who have grown up together, raised kids together, worked together, for 40 years or more. Jed, Aaron and Stig also visited Greg Galbreath of Buckeye Banjos on his and Cindy Cook's farm, the home of the annual Turkey Scratch. Check out his beautiful instruments at

Finally, a much appreciated work of art was created by our good friend Bella, thank you Bella!


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