Tellico helps ring in RyePA

We were thrilled to be some of the first tasters of New Belgium’s new RyePA that uses rye grown in North Carolina and floor malted by Riverbend Malt House. We played at the RyePA National Release Party February 21 at the malthouse, owned by Brent Manning and Brian Simpson, to celebrate this collaboration between this local malthouse and the New Belgium company, slated to open a large brewery in Asheville in the coming years. Floor malted is pretty much like what it sounds like…there was a lot of roasted rye on the warehouse floor in neat rows, waiting to be turned into this tasty brew. A boggling conversation with its inventor Matty Gillard gave us a “taste” of what’s involved with combining the elements to create a great beer, in this case, heirloom rye from NC and hops from Australia. Great to see so many local business owners at the event, people from our favorite spots in town like the Isis, Altamont Brewing, and Native Kitchen. Great to see also heirloom varieties grown locally and organically used for this beer that will be nationally released by New Belgium to over thirty states through their Hop Kitchen series. Read more here:

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