Project Update: Notes from our backers

We continue to be amazed and deeply appreciative of the support we are receiving to make this album a reality. As we played our shows this weekend, your support was never far from our minds and conversations. But also on our minds were some of the wonderful connections we have been able to make through the marvel that is crowd-funding/social-networking/internet that makes it possible to hear things like this from you:

"Dehlia Low's music brought me through some of the most difficult times in my life as I coped with the illness/deaths of my parents…… and ,of course, still inspires me today. I'm so thankful for that and feel like I owe these wonderful talented musicians. Looking forward to hearing the great/beautiful music they will produce. Can't wait for the CD!!! :)"  --LWF, backer

Hearing from you makes such a difference in the way we think about the "why" part of what we do. It's wonderful hearing from you.

By just the fourth day of the campaign, we had surpassed the amount we needed to attain our first stretch goal, which was to raise enough to pay for a few extra days in the studio.  We are currently at $9,000!  This will give the recording  process a little breathing room to help us capture more magic and feel less rushed.  

We will continue to work to get the word out to attract more backers to the project, so hopefully they can get a copy of the CD as well, which would help us get the music out there to more ears once we lay it down!  Those pledges will also help us reach our next stretch goal of getting an extra month of publicity to get the music to DJs, reviewers, and music promoters.  If you are so inclined, please share the kickstarter link with friends or family that might also be interested: 

And send us a note anytime!  We'd love to hear from you!

Many thanks again for making this possible!

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