Kickstarter funded! Thank you!

With your generous contributions WE DID IT!!  You did it.  Again, we must reiterate how grateful we are for your support.  Not only did we reach our funding goal, but we raised it IN 24 HOURS.  On top of that, you have provided for a proper album: AS OF NOON TODAY, YOU RAISED $12,448!  Simply amazing.

This budget gives us options that we didn't think we would be able to afford:  a comfortable recording timetable, a publicist and a producer, options for a release at a music conference, photography and artwork...these things add up to a better sounding album that will be heard by more people and will support our work more effectively.  

Most importantly, 160 of you took the time to watch our video, navigate Kickstarter, and get involved with our music.  We've enjoyed getting your emails and sharing this exciting let's make a record!!  It feels very different approaching this project knowing you're behind us, and we will be in touch about the steps along the way!  

More soon, but for now...THANK YOU!  

Anya, Aaron, Jed and Stig

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