"Kickstarter campaign launches and escapes gravity!"--J.S., backer

We launched our Kickstarter campaign on Wednesday, and within 24 hours we had reached our base goal of $7,500! We are just overwhelmed and honored to have gotten such a wonderful response, and it is such a boost for us as we embark on this big project. The vote of confidence, and the generous contributions, from our backers are humbly appreciated.

Our Kickstarter goal was calculated to cover the basic costs of recording the album, and the overwhelming response from our fans, friends and family tells us that you believe in us and want this project to succeed. We can do a lot more by working toward our stretch goals that will allow us more time in the studio and more resources to publicize the album to get it in the hands of new fans, promoters, DJs, reviewers and others. Continuing to work toward our stretch goals makes the greatest use of the financial and artistic investment. 

We hope you will join our other backers and maybe pick up an advance copy of the CD when it comes out or check out some of our other great rewards to be a part of this project with us and make sure that this album is as successful as possible. Please check out our video, with clips of the tunes that will be on the album at http://kck.st/1z9XRWu!! 

Anya, Aaron, Jed and Stig


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