Happy Holidays and update--Jon Stickley to produce, recording begins Dec. 30!

We wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and the best for a joyful 2015! Thank you all for making this such a successful first year for Tellico! We wanted to keep you in the loop as we will be entering the studio on December 30 for the first of five days of tracking reserved for us at Sound Temple Studios in Asheville. Rehearsals are now in progress in advance of the recording dates.  We are proud to announce that fellow Ashevillian, Jon Stickley (Jon Stickley Trio), will produce the album and has been working with us during our rehearsals. This is really special for us on a lot of levels; Jon and Jed have known each other and played music together since they were 16! Jon also produced Dehlia Low's album "Tellico" (The namesake album of our new outfit that has newly arisen since Dehlia Low), and he has performed with both in Dehlia Low and Tellico over the years.   
At rehearsal with Jon Stickley

At rehearsal with Jon Stickley

“I was so excited when I heard about the formation of Tellico!” says Jon. “I've had the pleasure of producing other projects for these musicians and was happy to re-enter that relationship. Anya's lyrics are full of subtle emotion, and the melodies are unshakeable. Stig's tunes range from bluesy ragtime romps to longing tales of love that just didn't work out. It is all complimented by the tasteful and diverse accompaniment of Aaron's Dobro, and Jed's mandolin and clawhammer banjo. Tellico blends refined songwriting, sweet vocal harmonies, and expert picking to create something that has elements of bluegrass and old-time, but is a sound all its own. I'm really looking forward to helping them make a great record.”

The band is all in unison in singing Stickley’s praises for the job.  Jed expresses, “As long as I have played music, Stickley's virtuosic presence has pushed and inspired me. For a decade and a half our musical lives have woven in and out of each other's and I have witnessed his immeasurable influence on musical communities across the country. I am excited and proud to be crossing paths with him on this project.” 

“Anyone who has heard Stickley play knows his sense of adventure.  He draws from many sources and understands what it is to make something new that derives from the old,” says Aaron. “He is as skilled and creative a player as any of us know.  Just the thought of being in the same room with him makes one want to play their absolute best.  Top it off with a warm personality, and you’ve got the best kind of friction imaginable.  We’re lucky to have him work with us on this album."

"He’s the real thing!” Stig says.  “Stickley makes completely original music and we look forward to applying some of that science towards our new record.”  

We feel really good about an Asheville-based project from head to toe. 

“I love how the songs on the album sound with these musicians playing all things that I didn’t even realize I was longing to hear. Their playing overlays absolutely perfectly with the meanings of the songs, whether playful and amusing or searching, haunting and lonely,” says Anya Hinkle. “We carry the support of our backers from our Kickstarter campaign into the studio, which means the world to us as we begin the process of recording because it’s daunting to capture, to freeze, a song at a single given time and place.  Jon’s positive guidance and relaxed confidence help us to welcome this opportunity to make the best music we possibly can when we get into the studio.” 

“This project has rekindled something powerful,” says Aaron. “I’m looking forward to resurging the sounds with Anya and Stig and to working with Jed.  As an instrumentalist, I can’t think of better company.” 

Anyway, just wanted to share our thoughts with you as we prepare to record these songs!  Be well and feel free to send a note our way! We’d love to hear from you!

Have a safe and happy holiday!


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