About Anya Hinkle:


With vivid storytelling, vibrant musicianship and arresting honesty, Anya Hinkle explores the beauty of song craft through the lens of the Appalachian string band tradition. Originally from the mountains of Virginia, Anya’s music is steeped in the tones of folk and bluegrass and seasoned by travels across the world. A founding member of Asheville-based bands Dehlia Low (Rebel Records) and Tellico (Organic Records), Anya will release tracks from her first full-length album under her own name this year on Organic Records.


Hinkle won the MerleFest Chris Austin Songwriting Competition in 2019 and was a finalist in the Hazel Dickens Song Contest for her song “Ballad of Zona Abston,” featured on Tellico’s 2018 release Woven Waters. The album, produced by Irish guitar legend John Doyle (Transatlantic Sessions, Joan Baez, Tim O’Brien), had a #1 single, #1 band and #2 album ranking on the Folk DJ charts in November 2018.

Her first single, “Road of the Winds” debuts April 2020, features an all-star cast, including Billy Cardine on dobro, Julian Pinelli on fiddle, Thomas Cassell on mandolin, Johnny Calamari on bass and Mary Lucey on harmony vocals. About the song, Hinkle says:

“Before I began singing, I was in graduate school studying botany. I was researching ancient Polynesian migration in the South Pacific and the plants that people carried with them on their journeys. More than a thousand years before Columbus, Polynesian people departed the Asian continent in great voyaging canoes, sailing thousands of miles before eventually reaching tiny islands in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean like Hawaii and Tahiti. It boggles the imagination to think of the courage and faith it would take to get in a boat and sail toward a new homeland that you hadn’t ever seen and didn’t even know existed. Yet they got in their boats and sailed east, into the sunrise.

Similarly, we are constantly moving closer toward our own homeland, a place we sense is there, somewhere, if we can just pay attention and listen closely to our inner voice. It takes tremendous bravery and tenacity to believe that we can grow to become the person we were meant to be, doing the work we are meant to be doing. We are embarking on a great journey with each sunrise, with each day we are alive. This song helps me feel free to move ahead in new directions with boldness and conviction even though I don’t exactly know where it will all lead. But like the ancient mariners of the Pacific, once you leave the shore you are committed to the journey—there is no turning back.”

Anya has toured all over the US and the world, particularly in Japan, but also in Europe and Canada. Her collaboration with Japanese singer-songwriter SUEMARR (best known for his work on the Netflix series “Midnight Diner”) has led to multiple tours in both Japan and the US. 

Press quotes:

“Once you hear Anya Hinkle sing you will want to hear her again. Add to that her band, Tellico, and original songwriting and you will be hooked…If you get a chance to see her perform, take it!” 

--Bluegrass Today 

 “[Anya Hinkle & Tellico] … reminds us we cannot abandon our own humanity, even when others try to grind it out of us.” 

--No Depression 

“Asheville's Tellico puts their ‘Appalachiacana’ sound to work showcasing some of what western North Carolina is known for...” 

--The Bluegrass Situation 


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