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Filming for Southern Song and Stories documentary begins! LIVE TAPING NOV. 15! 

We are thrilled to be the subject of an exciting project called Southern Songs and Stories, a documentary series presented by WNCW 88.7FM’s program director Joe Kendrick and Tony Preston of Moonlight Mile Productions.  The series explores the music of the South and the artists who make it, showcasing their performances and discovering the stories behind their songs with a look at their lives both on and off the stage. This series has previously featured Asheville's fantastic country band The Honeycutters Read more

Fall update 

I don't know if you noticed, but it's fall! We had a wonderful month filled with lots of outdoor concerts and helped some great folks tie the knot at outdoor weddings with mostly good weather. Now we're headed indoors again for some great regional shows coming up this month. 
Highland Brewing Outdoor Stage, Asheville. Photos by Asheville Art Family

We have been so grateful for a busy schedule and have had an opportunity to connect with many fantastic people. Some of them keep in touch with us via email --… Read more


Asheville-based band Tellico is proud to announce that they will join the roster of the Americana Agency. The announcement comes on the heels of their new, independently-released album Relics and Roses. Read full announcement here.
 “We are thrilled to be working with John Laird and Lucy Haislip again,” says Anya Hinkle, of Tellico ( Hinkle, Ballance and Stiglets were formerly on Americana’s roster with the band Dehlia Low. “They are incredibly hardworking folks that give us a lot of… Read more

Album recording update--phase done! 

Happy spring! It certainly was a long winter here and it’s great to finally see maple flowers. We have been busy putting the final touches on the CD and will be sending the mixes off to the mastering house this week. I know, what does that mean? Overdubs, mixes, masters, why does it take so long? 

As you may recall, we completed the bulk of the recording over the New Year and then did some overdubbing in the studio of our wonderful engineer Chris Rosser. These sessions were delayed at times by illness… Read more

Album recording update--phase one! 

We just finished the bulk of our tracking in the studio!!! We wanted to give you a guided tour of the experience and show you the steps that are going into recording the album! For most people, maybe there is this vague idea of a console composed of hundreds of slide-y things and knobs that creates an imposing horizon in front of a black leather swivel chair, or someone wearing a pair of headphones while singing passionately with their eyes closed, or a series of magical moments when everyone just looks at… Read more