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"Kickstarter campaign launches and escapes gravity!"--J.S., backer 

We launched our Kickstarter campaign on Wednesday, and within 24 hours we had reached our base goal of $7,500! We are just overwhelmed and honored to have gotten such a wonderful response, and it is such a boost for us as we embark on this big project. The vote of confidence, and the generous contributions, from our backers are humbly appreciated.

Our Kickstarter goal was calculated to cover the basic costs of recording the album, and the overwhelming response from our fans, friends and family tells us that… Read more

October newsletter-with remembrance of Bill Richardson 

--Tellico at Highland Brewing September 2014 AKA toddler fall floor-rolling kidfest complete with trippy light show and fog machine
  October Newsletter
September has been a poignant month, as it always is, signaling the changes that come with the end of summer. We started off with a wonderful show in Winston-Salem for the Fiddle and Bow Society. We were so honored to play for such a committed community of music lovers in an organization that has been working at promoting… Read more

Labor Day blog-September 

Hey ya'll!

Wanted to say a quick hi and share a little of what's been going on and what's ahead. Thanks to Folktography ( for this great shot from New Mountain Asheville, a fantastic new music venue in Asheville that hosted Larry Keel last weekend. We enjoyed a great set, and later Jed joined Larry on stage for a rousing and, as expected, lengthy rendition of Reuben Train that also featured occasional Tellico member Jon Stickley. 

It's been a great summer for us, and we… Read more

Virginia stories and pictures 

Great trip to Virginia for a few shows, one in Bedford and the other in Blacksburg. When we were loading up to leave Asheville, Jed was stringing up an A-style mandolin as a "homecoming" since it was apparently made in Bedford. In the mid-80s his uncle had bought a mandolin/octave mandolin pair from luthier James Jones. Incidentally, Stig had borrowed this same  mandolin later to write the song "Buffalo to Washington." Jed displayed this instrument during the performance and toward the end played a song on… Read more

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